Ice Ice Baby!

Today was a busy day at PFC! Kelli Moshen and her team continue to dance their way through Center Stage, our Superstar Golfers hit the green and we hosted the much-anticipated USTA tennis tournament again this year! We had tennis teams from many local camps taking over all of our courts this morning. Rain started moving in after lunch time, so part two of the tournament will take place tomorrow. We can also look forward to a gymnastics meet at PFC and a U11 boys baseball game, U15 girls soccer game and U9 boys and girls play days at the NJY Camps tomorrow. Our boys and girls swim teams both have away meets tomorrow, too! What a day!

We also want to highlight a cool trip our TOP Cooks campers went on today. They went to Sculpted Ice Works and learned a lot about how to work with ice! They learned about how food was kept cold before there were refrigerators and they were fascinated. They also learned that the Poconos used to be one of the biggest producers of ice blocks for people’s homes! At one point, there were 6 rooms that each held 200 tons of ice along Lake Wallenpaupack! Who knew?! They then walked through the museum where they got to hold some of the old tools used to check the thickness of the ice, actually cut the ice and then carry it back to the factory. After the museum, they went down to the working factory where ice sculptures are carved and watched the sculptors carve a pair of swans for someone’s birthday party tomorrow. Our campers said that they are now extra thankful for their easy access to ice, especially on humid days like this! They all hope to carve self-portraits one day!

PS: Bunk newsletters are UP! If you are a parent of a Junior or Inter camper, you’ll see the newsletters in the forms section of your CampMinder account. Woohoo! Call the office if you have any trouble finding them.

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