G. I. R. L. S.

Last night’s all girls campfire was really something special.

The campfire was started by igniting a log saved from the end of last summer marked 2016. Every summer is special but we link ourselves to those who have come before us at PFC for the last 87 summers.

Every camper received a bracelet with four strands of color; Green for Gratitude, Blue for Inspire, Gold for Respect, Purple for Love and all tied in a knot for Support.

G.I.R. L. S.

Our great division leaders told stories, led songs and talked about how we all may have different ideas and come from different backgrounds but at camp how we all support each other as one family.

The campfire ended with a rousing chorus of “You’ve Got a Friend”, “Taps” and “Friends” and s’mores!


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