Escape From PFC!

Tonight is one of our favorite evening activities in girls camp: Escape from PFC! Everyone will be paired up and given a number of tasks to complete around camp. We’re up at Lauri, we’re at the pool, we’re down by the gaga stadium, we’re in gymnastics. The catch? Counselors are stationed around camp trying to bop our campers with powder puffs. If you’re hit by a powder puff, you have to freeze and wait for a hydro helper (AKA counselor with a water gun) to come squirt and unfreeze you! Then, the first 10 teams to finish have to get to the dining hall porch in time to eat a pack of crackers and whistle. Once they’ve completed the tasks and whistled, they ESCAPE FROM PFC! They get on a big, decorated school bus and head out of camp for soft serve ice cream at Costa’s! You can imagine the excitement.