Cedar Survives an Overnight Hike!

The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” John Muir

They trudged through the woods, past pastures, hidden streams and wildflowers to a pine grove covered with pine needles. Along the way they encountered salamanders,  chased frogs and saw deer.   At the end of the trail stood the yurt, half tent , half hut where they would sleep for the night. Bunk Cedar out of camp, in the wild!

The outdoor rec staff taught them how to prepare dinner (shish kabob) and set up camp.  They played games like “capture the flag” and “kick the can”. Around  the campfire songs were sung and stories told, even a few old school campfire games like “Black Magic” (Zach deciphered  the secret code)  and “I’m going to Grandmother’s House” (Jack was the first to figure out the clue).

Nighttime fell,  a beautiful star –filled sky above the pines and then Bunk Cedar boys were fast asleep. All was silent, the kind of quiet you don’t hear at home or even back in camp. If you listened carefully, you could hear the sound of a distant woodpecker and a few crickets. You could smell the smoke from the campfire and the sweet scent of pinecones.

Jarod woke up first and then  all of the boys in Cedar were up at the crack of dawn.  Soon they were hiking  back to camp for an outdoor breakfast in the grove, featuring made-to- order omelets and chocolate chip pancakes.

Camp is many things, but there’s nothing like an overnight hike.