Camp 101.

Things that every camper should and will learn this summer:

Sure it’s all about fun and friendship, becoming independent and  learning to live together, but every camper will also return home with these skills. Every Pine Forest camper will come home knowing  how to:

–          Do the J-stroke

–          Start a campfire

–          Identify the North Star

–          Make a hospital corner

–          Build a raft

–          Say Hello in Mandarin (we have a few campers coming from China!)

–          Make a s’more

–          Shoot a lay-up

–          Use a compass

–          Swim the backstroke

–          Belay a rock climber

–          Throw a pot

–          Tie dye a T-shirt

–          Hit a backhand

–          Set a table

–          Field a ground ball

–          Raise the Flag

–          Read a trail map