Bunk Newsletters!

Parents, a reminder to check out your camper’s “Bunk Newsletter”, now online on your MYPFC “CampInTouch” account under “Forms”. It’s written by counselors and highlights every camper each week. Straight from your camper’s front porch directly to you!

We woke up a little groggy after last night’s incredible fireworks display. Even old-timers said that this show was the best ever. Every time we thought it was the finale, another burst of color and sound exploded in the sky. Before the Mitchell Field extravaganza it was an amazing all-camp talent show; tap dancers, lip-syncers, rock bands, a capella, folk singers, jugglers…PFC’s Got Talent! Lots of it! The audience sang along, cheered their bunkmates on, and ended with a standing ovation for all.

It was a glorious sunny mountain day today at PFC! TOP basketball started their drills, campers practiced for climbing competition, Intermediate boys caught fish at the lake and Inter girls played a rousing game of kick ball.

And to top it all off, the USA Women’s’ team won the World Cup. Now that’s a great day!