History Made on Chadwin Court Today

History was made on Chadwin Court today.

It was a first. It was amazing. It was unforgettable.

It was Weston B.’s all out, full tilt, massive dunk.

In his 50 years at PFC, Chad said that he has never seen a camper dunk the
ball in either a league or intercamp game. Today it happened. PFC’s 15 and
under team was playing another camp from across the lake. Weston stole the
ball, dribbled all the way down court and slammed the ball, Dr. J-style,
with a swooping right hook, right through the net. After a moment of awed
silence, the team and the fans erupted in cheers.

Our founder and pro hoopster, Uncle Hughie Black, and the great Wilt
Chamberlain, who played for PFC in the 1950’s, would be proud.

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