Visiting Camp

There is no better way to judge a camp then to see it in action. It’s the people and the spirit of Pine Forest that are so special. You can feel it! Come on up to Pine Forest ”up where the sky begins!”

Explorer Camp:

To get the full Pine Forest experience, we suggest sleeping over! Explorers will spend a full day at camp and stay the night. They’ll live in a real bunk with actual counselors and bunkmates. Enjoy the food, meet the people, share a campfire, stay the night. Sorry mom and dad, you gotta go!

Play Day:

An action-packed half day at camp.


If you can’t explore or play, we’d be happy to give your family a personal tour of our summer home! Expect to spend a little over an hour with us, on and off of a golf cart, as we see the sights and most importantly, meet the people!