Extraordinary Fun

Here are some other extraordinary happenings that will make every day special. These are things that you can ONLY do at camp!

  • Pinefest Arts and Music Festival – Our version of Woodstock!
  • Pike County Tournaments – We host and visit camps in our area for inter-camp. competitions including: Sports, Dance, Gymnastics, Archery, Climbing and Singing.
  • Big Sister/Little Sister – Younger campers are paired with older campers for special events!
  • 5K Camper Scamper – A real 5K race with numbers, times and trophies!
  • Survivor Day – Build a shelter in the woods, cook a meal and create a cheer!
  • The Scranton Yankees Minor League AAA baseball game.
  • Backwards Day! – Wear your clothes backwards, eat breakfast for dinner…Why not?!
  • Camper/Counselor Day – Dress and act like your favorite counselor!
  • The Hughie Black Basketball Tournament – 11 and under hoops competition.
  • Scuba Diving Lessons – Sea hunt in the pool!
  • Stargazing with Your Bunk! The stars shine brighter at Pine Forest.
  • Square Dancing – Corny, but more fun than you think!
  • Banquet
  • And of course…CAMPFIRES!

You never know what fun lies ahead on a day at PFC!! No two days are EVER the same!